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How to Prep Your HVAC System for a North Carolina Snowstorm


So, a winter storm warning is on the news, and everybody is flocking to the grocery store, buying food, flashlights, blankets, and a kerosene heater…All good ideas, but most people don’t consider preparing their HVAC system for the blizzard!  Here’s our step-by-step guide (although, being the first to get to the grocery store is important too!): …


Tax Credits and Rebates

If you have installed any heating, cooling, air quality, or pluming equipment this year, or are planning on doing so, do you qualify for a rebate or tax credit? All high-efficiency products reward you every month in savings on your utility bills. It’s just smart to install high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and energy-saving water…


3 Summer Plumbing Tips to Help Keep Your Summer Worry Free

When you think about weather related plumbing problems, you probably think of frozen, busted pipes, but winter isn’t the only season that is hard on your plumbing. Hot, North Carolina summers can present another set of issues for your plumbing. Because no one wants to hassle with their plumbing when they could be relaxing in…


Sump It to Me: Sump Pump 101

sump pump

A sump pump is something you don’t always think about, but it can help keep your home’s basement or crawl space dry when flood waters reach a certain level.


What Does Winter Mean in North Carolina?

winter in Raleigh North Carolina

A typical winter in North Carolina can be mild and wet. We may receive up to six inches of snow, and have lows as low as the teens, but, typically, we have pleasant winters.


Keep a Slow Drain from Becoming a Big Problem

Household drains are a marvel of modern plumbing. The convenience they provide is often taken for granted until something goes wrong – and the drain won’t drain. A soapy residue around the bath drain, a kitchen sink that’s oily, or water around a laundry floor drain – these are all indications of a slow drain.…


How Hail Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

Last year there were at least 88 hail events reported in this part of North Carolina, with some hail being  nickel- to quarter-sized. Hail can damage your car, roof, and even your air conditioner. When your air conditioning unit suffers from hail damage, there may be dents to the metal housing of the unit and…


2019 HVAC Tech Trends

HVAC has been around since the start of the twentieth century. That’s a long time, but by and large, the technology hasn’t changed all that much up until the last 15 years or so.


HVAC Terms: What Is an Air Handler?


Every once in a while, we like to write a blog about common HVAC terms. So today, we’re going to be answering the question, “What is an air handler?”

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