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Halloween Decoration Tips … For Your Heating System?

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Halloween is a time for treats and tricks, and sometimes, the unexpected happens. That’s why we have tips on how to keep your Halloween decorations from interfering with your heating system!

“Scary traps”

First of all, we understand why people love decking out their front, side, and back yard with all kinds of incredible decorations. You’ll be the envy of everyone in Raleigh, except when all the decorations cause your heating system to stop working.

Why would these two things ever be connected, you might wonder? Well, when decorations fall on top of or blow on your outdoor A/C unit, the effect is the same as sticks, leaves, and other debris. You should avoid putting any decorations on your A/C unit. But it would help if you also considered that decor that tends to blow everywhere in the wind, like cobwebs and streamers, can easily get caught in the fins of your A/C unit. That may not affect you this year now that you’ve stopped using your cooling system, but you’ll see the effects next year.

“Boo to blocking vents”

The same thing is true inside your home! Lots of people like to decorate, especially for Halloween parties. And it’s the delicate pieces of decor, like the cobwebs and streamers mentioned above, that tend to get stuck in your vents. So it’s a good idea to vacuum out your vents before and after the Halloween festivities are over, or even time changing your air filter for after Halloween. Also, make sure that more oversized decorations aren’t blocking your vents and reducing airflow!

“Creepy crawlies”

We hate to talk about this topic since we know it scares people more than anything Halloween-related, but it’s imperative! It will help if you prevent bugs and other critters from getting in through tiny gaps in your heating and cooling system. So, you’re busy planning out the proper placement for your Halloween decor (and ensuring nothing will fall off and get stuck anywhere on your heating and cooling system), why not take these steps?

First, cover up vents outside your home, like the attic vent, dryer vent, and exhaust vent. If you’re not sure where your exhaust vent for your furnace is outside your home, it’s likely a small plastic pipe. (This is what gets rid of any gases created by your furnace that you wouldn’t want entering your home.) Cover these vents with vent screens to avoid creepy crawlies getting into your home. You might also want to cover your A/C unit with an A/C cover, which addresses the above problem about getting Halloween decorations stuck on your unit.

Then, you can also have a heating and cooling professional come to your home to make sure there are no leaks or holes in your vents! Pests could slip through those quickly, but not with Weather Master’s help to make sure your ducts remain appropriately sealed. So whether you’re worried about Halloween decor getting inside your heating and cooling system or creepy crawlies doing the same – now you have nothing to fear! If you have any questions about these tips or any other heating questions, the pros at Weather Master are happy to help. Schedule an appointment online or call now: (919) 853-7910

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