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Cooling System Tune-Up

Regular maintenance from the professionals at Weather Master is the best way to keep your cooling system running in top shape and save on utility and repair bills during the long summer months to come.

A Weather Master tech fixing an A/C unit

Over time, dust and other particles in the air will gather in your home’s heating & cooling system. This means it will become less efficient, and worse, less reliable. And as we all know, an unreliable air conditioner is the last thing you want during a North Carolina summer.

There is a way to help prevent this, however.

Trust Certified technicians from Weather Master will come to your home and perform a precision air conditioner tune-up for only $59– a special price!

The process will take about 1 hour and, better still, you get our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You and your family will rest in comfort this summer with the peace of mind knowing that if your cooling system breaks down after your tune-up, we will refund your money or credit it to any necessary repair.

Just how comprehensive is the list of tasks Weather Master will perform on your cooling tune-up? Just take a look at the list below!

Here’s a list of tasks we will perform during a heating & cooling inspection

  • Are you satisfied with the operation and appearance of your current thermostats? Do you have any hot or cold spots in your home?
  • Are your utility bills reasonable for the last season?
  • Are there any areas in the home warmer or Cooler than others?
  • Who in your family has problems with allergies?
  • Does anyone in the home suffer from migraines or frequent congestion?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Is it dry in your home during the winter?
  • Humid in summer?
  • Any unusual noises or things that have changed since the last service?
  • When did you last change your carbon monoxide detectors?


  • Indoor Coil UV Biocide Sanitizer
  • Indoor Cabinet UV Biocide Sanitizer
  • Indoor Blower UV Biocide Sanitizer
  • Indoor Whole House Air Purifier
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitor (Lower Level)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • HVAC Equipment Surge Protectors


  • Energy Saving Digital
  • Batteries Replaced
  • Working Properly OUTDOOR UNIT
  • Compressor Amps S R
  • Condenser Fan Condition/Amps
  • Battery Cap/Capacitor uF Value
  • Starter/Relay Condition
  • Compressor Saver/Start Assist
  • Outdoor Temp Indoor Temp
  • Superheat Sub Cool
  • Compressor Megohms
  • Compressor Connector
  • Condition of Coil
  • Visual Inspection of Freon Leaks
  • O-Ring Schrader Caps Installed
  • Condition of Wiring High/Low Voltage
  • Condition of Outside Disconnect
  • Correct Wire Size/Breaker Size/Connections
  • Line Set is Insulated
  • Unit is Level & Clear of Obstructions


  • Cleanliness of Ductwork
  • Condition of Ductwork
  • Supply Ducts Insulated Properly
  • Return Ducts Insulated Properly
  • Platform Return Sealed Properly
  • System Has Correct Return Size FURNACE/AIR HANDLER
  • Return Air Static Pressure
  • Supply Air Static Pressure
  • Condition of Evaporator Coil
  • Condition of Blower Cabinet
  • Condition of Blower Wheel & Bearings
  • Visual Inspection of Freon Leaks
  • Condition of Primary & Secondary Drains
  • Condensate Pump Working Properly
  • Drain Safety Switch/Ceiling Saver Installed
  • Blower Motor Amps
  • Inducer Motor Amps
  • Blower Capacitor uF Valve
  • Temperature Rise º
  • Gas Pressure
  • Limit Switches & Mounts
  • Burner Crossover Parts
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Check all Hoses/Pipes/Unit
  • Pressure Switch
  • Flue Properly Installed/Working
  • Igniter Ohms
  • Sensor Reading
  • Heating Elements
  • Indoor Delta T º
  • Condition of Wiring High/Low Voltage
  • Condition of Indoor Disconnect
  • Correct Wire Size/Breaker Size/Connections
  • Condition of Circuit Board
  • Overall Condition of System

Customer Review

“The team from Weather Master is always helpful and friendly. It’s like inviting a friend into the house. I never worry about my systems because I know they are in good hands. If something breaks, I don’t have to worry about it being fixed correctly.” – Dennis

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