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How to Spot A/C Repair SCAMS …

A sign reading "Warning, Scam Alert"

Most heating and cooling companies and technicians are trustworthy … but not all! Let the reliable team here at Weather Master teach you how to spot a scam

1. The company is hard to find online

If you can’t find a heating and cooling company online – or they exist but they don’t have a strong online presence (photos, reviews, social media) that’s not a good sign. A quick Google search should give you confidence … or a lack of confidence. Or maybe you start to get suspicious when you call them, rather than talking to them online. No one calls you back when you leave a message for them, and you’re always waiting on hold for an indefinite amount of time before getting through to them, etc.

2. The company doesn’t carry its own insurance policy

If a heating and cooling company does not have an HVAC license or their technicians are not licensed, that’s another red flag. In addition to licensing, the business should also be carrying liability coverage on all of its employees as well as the customer’s property while it is being served!

3. Supplies and repairs are overpriced, especially for what you’re getting

If you’re not getting a great deal, it’s probably because the heating and cooling company is trying to take advantage of your financial situation. It might be better for you to wait until you can afford new equipment or repairs as opposed to paying more than what the job is worth! You might be wondering, how do you know whether you’re getting a good deal? And that’s another thing: a good heating and cooling company (and good technicians) are very open to you saying NO and wanting to get quotes from other companies / explore other options first.

4. They never answer your questions satisfactorily with full answers as to how they’ll be fixing your problem.

A heating and cooling technician should be happy to answer all of your questions, and in an expert and knowledgeable way to boot. If they don’t seem interested at all in what you have to say or how the problem is affecting your home, that’s a warning sign! They’re only out for one thing – your money.

5. They can’t provide you with a brochure, flyer, contract, etc.

A legitimate company should have physical papers with lots of details. Terms and conditions, warranty info, outlining the service provided … Just like with everything else in life, you want it written down!

Overall, if a heating and cooling company is giving you any pause or any funny feelings whatsoever, it’s best to just keep looking. Here at Weather Master, we’re committed to proving our reliability, our knowledge, and our reasonable prices, so you can feel confident in your decision. To learn more, and to see if Weather Master is the right Raleigh company for you, contact us online or call (919) 853-7910!

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