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Can You Imagine a Life Without Plumbing?


With the Thanksgiving and Holiday season quickly approaching, we are busy taking an inventory of all that we have to thankful for this year. At the top of our list, this year is not surprisingly, indoor plumbing. You may not think about plumbing as often as we do, but we are sure that you are…


Five Common Myths about Heating Your Home that Won’t Save You Money

Myths and facts

Have you heard the saying, “you just don’t know what you don’t know?” Or thought to yourself, “If I have only known then what I know now?” Us too. It’s no fun learning too late that you’ve been spending much more time, money or energy of something than necessary. We find many homeowners make the…


4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Furnace


Few purchases you will make for your home are as important as selecting a new furnace. Your furnace is an investment in the comfort and safety of your home. It is not a decision you should make rashly or without having done your homework. Before you begin; however, we recommend having your heating system tuned-up…


Now Trending in Heating and Cooling: the Smart Thermostat.

vintage thermostat

You don’t have to settle for just a smart phone anymore, put your heating and cooling system on autopilot too! In appreciation of ‘all things smart,’ our thoughts have recently turned to our favorite use for home automation technology: the smart thermostat. If keeping up with the Jetson’s is more your style than the Jones’…


The Un-Clogger’s Guide to Chemical Drain Cleaners


We realize a plumber isn’t always the first person you want to call when you have an issue with your plumbing.  Many people would prefer to solve the problem on their own rather than pay a professional, especially when dealing with a clogged drain.  We recommend your resourcefulness and frugality- but we strongly caution you. …


4 Ways to Save Water During the Summer

Sprinkler summer fun

You may not realize it, but summer is especially hard on your plumbing system.  From garden hoses, sprinklers, pools and all that extra laundry, your plumbing gets more of a workout this time of year than any other time.  Save time, energy, and money this summer with our Summer Plumbing Tips below. Summer Plumbing Tips…


Drains Need Lovin’ Too

We are sure you’ve heard it before, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Our moms told us the same thing too.  We hate to admit she was right, especially when it comes to plumbing.  Preventing a clogged drain is relatively simple, if you are careful what you pour down them.  That…


What Your Water Heater Wishes You Knew

Your water heater is one of the hardest working, least appreciated appliances in your home.  It runs day and night, every day, regardless of the season to keep your showers toasty, your dishes clean and your laundry sparkling.  It spends its life hidden away in utility closets, garages, and dark corners of basements often only…


Weather Master Now Offers Electrical Service

As of February 1, Weather Master is now offering electrical services to homeowners in the Triangle and surrounding areas. Weather Master is already a leading provider of heating, cooling, air quality, and plumbing services.  With the addition of electrical services, they now service every major home system.  With one call, Weather Master does it all.…