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Relatives Staying for Thanksgiving? How to Keep Them Comfortable


It’s turkey time! The holiday that is all about family getting together and giving thanks. You can thank your family by keeping them warm and comfortable in your home:

But for one thing, how do you keep the temperature stable, when you’ve got a heated kitchen and more people in your home than usual heating things up? There are a few ways:

Use ceiling fans

As you may already know, the way a ceiling fans works is by moving its blades counter-clockwise to make a downward draft of cool air. Also, anything that can improve airflow to help things feel less stuffy and humid (due to all the bodies and the cooking) is a good idea.

Kitchen exhaust fan

Of course, if the heat making all your relatives uncomfortable is coming from the kitchen, then there are a couple of things to try in here. First off, make sure your kitchen exhaust fan is on, and on high power rather than low if need be. Just like the ceiling fan suggestion, running an exhaust fan not only cools things down and keeps air moving, but also cuts down on grease (from the cooking) and humidity as well. This is turn will keep the kitchen feeling cooler. Also, take note of which type of exhaust fan you have. Ideally, if you look up in the exhaust fan, you can see that the pipe goes up through the ceiling, or out through the wall. If it does, that means it takes the hot air outside rather than just recirculating it. You know what they say, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” … But on Thanksgiving, that’s just not possible!

Keep your home dust and allergen free

Since we’re on the subject of keeping relatives comfortable this Thanksgiving, and keeping the air breathable, it’s also important to consider indoor air quality! If your air is full of dust and allergens, your relatives won’t be happy! So to boost indoor air quality, first, vacuum your home on a regular basis. Vacuuming will help to pick up some of the dust and dander on the floor so it doesn’t have a chance to circulate in the air … especially since there are bound to be lots of feet walking around during the holiday! Then, make sure your air filter has been changed recently. If it hasn’t, then dust and dander won’t get trapped in the filter, and the dirty filter will also make home airflow problems worse. Last but not least, you can learn more about Weather Master’s Lennox PureAir™ purification system, which attacks air quality issues at the source: dust, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander.

Get a furnace tune-up

A furnace tune-up will help to ensure your home stays comfortable all throughout the holiday season, even on those days when everyone comes over to visit. A tune-up involves cleaning out soot, dust, dirt and debris from the heat exchanger and the blower wheel, as well as checking for potential damage, cracks and leaks. We’ll also inspect all electrical components. We’ll even take a look at your air conditioner too while we’re in your Raleigh home! Keep the relatives happy and keep your home healthy –  schedule an appointment online or call now: (919) 853-7910

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