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Sump Pumps & French Drain Systems

Brand new sump pump for suctioning collected ground water from a sump pit such as in a basement of a house

Standing water in your basement or crawl space is one of your home’s worst enemies. If your lower level ever smells musty, feels damp or floods occasionally, you have an issue with moisture coming into your foundation. Weather Master & Mr. Plumber offers two options to consider when it comes to removing water from your home.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump will remove water that has found its way under your home’s foundation.

“A sump pump employs an anchored catch bucket in which an electronically powered sump pump and float assembly reside,” says the General Manager of Weather Master & Mr. Plumber. “As the catch bucket fills to a point high enough to activate the pump, it jets the standing water to the desired location.”

French Drain System

A French drain is used to prevent ground and surface water from getting into building foundations, thus preventing any water damage. You can also find French drains used outdoors to distribute water (i.e., septic drain fields with a septic tank sewage treatment system) or behind retaining walls.

The drainage system must partner with gravity to work. Weather Master can professionally install a catch basin, attached to a corrugated drain line. That’s when the drain angle and gravity takes over.

You will find a French drain in a residence in one of two ways: either buried around the foundation wall on the external side of the foundation or installed underneath the basement floor, on the inside of the perimeter of the basement.

Contact the experts at Weather Master and Mr. Plumber to discuss the best option for water removal from your home.

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