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How to Find and Fix These 3 Common Electrical Problems at Home

Wall Socket - Electrician Raleigh, NC

Most homeowners avoid do-it-yourself projects that involve rewiring or repairing electricity for the safety issues involved, but do you know how to spot and fix common electrical hazards around your home? The National Fire Protection Association reported of the 47,700 home electrical fires in 2011, 29% resulted in injury or death. At Weather Master, we…


Protecting Your Air Conditioner During a Severe Storm


North Carolina storm seasons can be rough and the 2015 Hurricane season in full swing. It is important to make sure you are taking precautions now to minimize damage to your home should you experience a severe storm or hurricane. While many people think of their exterior siding, deck or patio furniture, and landscaping when…


Outdoor Safety: Electrical Tips from the Experts

Electrical Tips summer

Summer is our favorite season here at Weather Master, and if you’re anything like us, you spend as much time outside as you can. But while you’re enjoying time outdoors you’re probably not thinking as much about all of the electricity surrounding your backyard barbecues, pool parties and outdoor projects. Let us do that for…


If You Don’t Already Own a Sump Pump, You Should


Basement floods can be a nightmare. And the worst part about dealing with a flooded basement isn’t dealing with the insurance company or the headache of replacing your things. The worst part about a basement flood is it could have been avoided. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize how often basements have water problems. The truth…


3 Summer Plumbing Tips to Help Keep Your Summer Worry Free

When you think about weather related plumbing problems, you probably think of frozen, busted pipes, but winter isn’t the only season that is hard on your plumbing. Hot, North Carolina summers can present another set of issues for your plumbing. Because no one wants to hassle with their plumbing when they could be relaxing in…


The Unexpected Costs of Skipping Your A/C Tune-Up

Car trouble

You may be tempted to skip your air conditioner maintenance this year. We understand. A tune up for your air conditioner is not the most glamorous way to spend your hard earned cash. You may wonder if maintaining your air conditioner is really necessary.  Here at WeatherMaster, we see it every summer. Many homeowners mistakenly…


3 Clever Ways to Hide Your Air Conditioner

Nothing ruins a painstakingly landscaped Carolina lawn faster than a big, ugly air conditioner. We know, we know- we’re in the business of air conditioners here at Weather Master Heating & Air Conditioning, but we are with you on this one. Air conditioners aren’t pretty. There are several ways you can hide, mask or camouflage…


3 Reasons You Have Low Water Pressure and What You Can Do About It

You know how pressure feels. If you’re like the rest of us here at Weather Master’s Mr. Plumber, you tend to prefer low-pressure situations. Things like traffic jams, deadlines, budgets, what to eat for lunch- are all pressure points in our lives we may wish were, well, less pressing. However, one time we always appreciate…

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