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Businesses Are Using Indoor Air Quality Systems to Stay Safe


Since most businesses have re-opened their doors according to Phase 2.5 of North Carolina’s re-opening plan, one thing is on top of mind … ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment. Is IAQ the answer? Many businessowners say, yes!

What is IAQ?

IAQ stands for “Indoor Air Quality,” and it should be considered a very important component of your home’s HVAC system, especially right now. Here at Weather Master, we have a variety of IAQ devices, that use different technologies, but the goal is the same: to clear the air of harmful pollutants, allergens, and bacteria/viruses!

We offer three different types of IAQ devices: air purifiers, UV lamps, and dehumidifiers. We bet you didn’t know that dehumidifiers are a germ deterrent, but they are! That’s because bacteria and viruses are transmitted through moisture in the air – so the drier the air, the less chance of transmission. However, we understand that comfort is important too. In fact, that’s why many businesses are using specialized air purification systems that go inside their ducts, removing these particles directly at the source. In fact, there is a recent, interesting article about a nearby business that is taking all the precautions by installing an IAQ system …

This Charlotte business isn’t taking any chances

Before reopening, Artisanal Brewing Ventures in Charlotte, North Carolina knew it would be smart to invest in IAQ technology to make sure their air was as clean as possible. Their CEO, John Coleman, said, “We looked at adding new technology to our HVAC system that cleans the air, deactivates viruses and other pathogens, and provides an additional layer of protection.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! John said that customers were worried about what factored into the spread of germs despite social distancing and mask-wearing – factors that seemed “hard-to-control.” However, IAQ technology can restore some peace of mind by trapping harmful microbes, even small ones. Here at Weather Master, our whole-home air purification system is the PureAir™ Air Purification Systems by Lennox®. This system traps 95% of particles down to .3 microns in size.

Artisanal Brewing Ventures in Charlotte put IAQ systems not only in their breweries, but in their offices as well, protecting the health of their employees and customers alike. Here at Weather Master, we have that same dedication to you and, to quote Lennox, we’re dedicated to “taking out what you shouldn’t take in.”

To learn more about our indoor air purification systems, contact us online or call us at (919) 853-7910. We want to help our Raleigh neighbors breathe easier about their health and comfort!


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