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No, No, No! (Furnace Problems to Avoid This Holiday Season)

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How do you deal with furnace issues this winter? Well, by calling Weather Master! But we’re also here to help you find solutions to the most common problems …

Dirty filter

Yes, we know this isn’t the first time in a blog we’ve gone over this issue, but it is one of the most common furnace problems! And the one that can be the most easily prevented. The reason your filter gets so dirty so fast in the winter is because such a high volume of warm air is being pumped throughout your home to keep it warm. With all that air being circulated, it means more air through the filter. And as you can imagine, more air going through the filter means more dust and dirt getting caught! Even if you don’t change your filter every single month, do check up on it every month. You might be surprised how dirty it gets, and how this not only costs you more money on your energy bills due to a less efficient furnace, but can actually damage your furnace over time.

Ignition problems

Another very common problem we see is with the igniter, whether it’s an electric igniter or standing pilot light. For the first one, often there is something wrong with the flame sensor, where it shuts your furnace down if there is gas without flames. This is, of course, a very important safety feature! But when it is malfunctioning and detects false positives, that is one annoying reason why your furnace won’t work! For a standing pilot light as opposed to an electric igniter, there could be many problems. The pilot itself could be clogged, or it could be an issue with a thermocouple (this is the part of your furnace that checks whether the pilot light is lit). Trying to investigate or clean your pilot light and be dangerous for someone who wasn’t a hundred percent sure what they’re doing, so we recommend calling a Weather Master technician to ensure your own safety!

Furnace burners

Another component that can get dirty easily is your furnace burners. As you know, the furnace burner is what creates heat, so if they get dirty they can’t release enough gas to cause the combustion effect. If you have a problem with dirty furnace burners, you may be hearing a booming or rumbling noise, along with, of course, no heat. But we don’t recommend you try to handle this problem yourself, because of the danger of combustion and explosion.

Solution: Call Weather Master!

We know we’re making the holidays sound like a dangerous time, but they certainly don’t have to be! Whether you’re experiencing obvious furnace problems that are resulting in no heat, or more subtle furnace problems, like a funny noise or inefficiency, Weather Master is on the case. We want to help maintain your furnace, so you can focus on what really matters this holiday season. Just give us a call at (919) 853-7910 or contact us online, and we’ll be out to your Raleigh area home right away!

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