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HVAC Techs of the Future Will Spot Problems a Mile Away …

An illustration of a computer remotely monitoring your home temperature

Our technicians already spot problems a mile away! But, the technology is developing to let techs remotely monitor your HVAC system.

Why does this matter?

For now, the primary way that HVAC technicians diagnose a problem with is either through you calling and needing a repair, or technicians doing preventive maintenance during a routine checkup. Obviously, the second option is far better than the first, to help you avoid repairs and problems BEFORE they happen!

But, what if there was a way to make things even better? What if technicians could monitor your HVAC system 24/7, and, through a system of a hundred or even more sensors, check all the components of your HVAC system? What if technicians could make sure your system is in tip-top condition, without even coming to your home? What if you could also be provided a monthly update on the energy usage and efficiency of your HVAC system, with recommended updates to save money?

You would never have HVAC problems again. And, all without having to do a thing!

A high price

While on a small scale, this technology already exists, there are so many potential advancements in the future. For example, artificial intelligence could use historical data about your HVAC system (in combination with using the sensors mentioned above), in order to, almost like a psychic, predict when or if a system failure could occur!

We know this technology sounds… expensive, and right now it definitely is. The company Motili is already putting sensors inside HVAC systems, in order to monitor every single component. Even the pipes and the ductwork! However, Motili’s services are basically limited to big businesses, because it’s not something homeowners can afford yet. This technology is definitely very cool for discovering problems before they happen, but it’s just not realistic for the average homeowner yet.

The future … and the present!

For now, the closest you can get to a bona fide system to prevent HVAC failure is the preventive maintenance program from Weather Master! Our Cairfree Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement gives you routine maintenance. This helps prevent problems from happening in the first place in your Raleigh home. And, not only does the agreement come with routine maintenance, but also a 10% discount on all heating and cooling repairs, and a 20% discount on diagnostic fees. That’s the closest thing you can get right now to an almost psychic ability to prevent HVAC breakdowns before they happen! To learn more about our maintenance agreement, or for any other HVAC repair needs, just contact us online. Or call now at (919) 853-7910!

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