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Three Truths & A Lie about Air Filters!

2 truths and a lie about air filters

When it comes to home air filters, looks can be deceiving! These little rectangles play a HUGE role in furnace efficiency, energy bills, equipment lifespan, indoor air quality, and your overall health.

But, there’s also a lot of misinformation and straight-up lies floating around about changing them. Allow us to clear the air by playing…”Three Truths and a Lie”!

Can you tell which is the lie?

#1: Checking your filter every 30 days is crucial. Clogged filthy filters block airflow, overwork the system, hike up bills, and reduce air quality. Replacing a cheap one monthly costs a whole lot less than emergency repairs or medical bills! Thirty days might sound excessive but trust me, take five minutes a month for this. One peek and you’ll see just how fast they get gross.

#2. You should run your system fan 24/7 for better airflow. Keeping that blower motor circling air through your home’s ductwork nonstop ensures dust and other allergens never have a chance to settle and build up. Who wants their family to breathe stagnant polluted air when they could enjoy a constant breezy stream of clean, filtered oxygen circulating instead?

#3: You CAN rinse certain reusable filters instead of replacing them monthly. Filters made specifically for cleaning exist. Rinsing can save some green while still catching dust, dirt, and particles if done regularly. Just check manufacturer guidelines first – not all are made durable enough for the wash. And make sure it’s bone dry before popping back in.

#4. Higher MERV ratings trap more particles, boosting indoor air quality. The MERV scale rates a filter’s particle-capturing effectiveness from 1-16. Standard cheap fiberglass ones rate a MERV 1-4. Moving up to a MERV 11 pleated filter blocks wayyy more microscopic junk you’re breathing! Sure, costs more but also filters your air better with the right system fit.

So, ready to guess which is the lie?

We’ll give you a minute…

It was #2! In truth, running the fan 24/7, in “on” mode, strains components, increases electric costs, actually DECREASES effective filtration, and can spread pollutants within unbalanced home pressures.

Also, this can inadvertently add to the humidity level because the moisture from the air conditioning coil might not drain properly and get re-introduced into the home. Consistently high indoor humidity can lead to condensation, which in turn can encourage mold growth.

Keep things on “auto” for ideal operation. The system knows best!

That pesky 24/7 fan mode myth rears its ugly head everywhere! But now you’re armed with air filter facts to sniff out more bogus claims. Stay savvy out there and keep your home healthy by changing your air filter!

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