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Keep YOUR Air Fresh and Clean This Holiday Season!

Keep Air Fresh and Clean This Holiday Season!

The holidays are here and that means your home is about to be filled with delicious smells… and other not-so-great ones, including contaminants!

But have no fear – your trusty whole home air purifier is here!

See, whole-home air purifiers are systems that attach right to your home’s ductwork to filter out dust, dander, odors, and other icky pollutants. Kind of like a giant air filter for your entire house!

More specifically, we will be talking about the Lennox PureAir™ and its air filter, the Lennox Healthy Climate™ Carbon Clean 16®, that removes over 99% of the virus that causes COVID-19 from the air, as well as even smaller viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores.

Lennox PureAir™ uses a thick HEPA filter designed to trap indoor air pollution without releasing anything nasty back out. Protecting you and your guests from less pleasant scenarios of odor contamination floating around.

Lennox PureAir™  also gobbles up other holiday home hazards bacteria, pet dander, and more from the air before anyone breathes it in. Because between Fido shedding all over the new rug, Cousin Eddie’s seasonal allergies, and the kiddos tracking in mud, there are definitely some unwanted particles swirling around.

The high-tech filtration can capture all that junk so no one’s health takes a hit. Talk about peace of mind this season!

And don’t forget all the scent overload from candles, essential oils, and room sprays. While they make your home smell AH-mazing at first, some heavy fragrances get downright overpowering after a while (and can even stick to walls and not be good for respiration long-term). Next thing you know you’ve got family complaining of headaches or sore throats from too much potpourri action. So, the Lennox PureAir™ also clears away artificial scents so you prevent problems but still enjoy some subtle seasonal smells.

Bottom line – whole home air purifiers are kind of like your behind-the-scenes holiday helpers keeping indoor air fresh and clean. They run silently along with your heating and cooling system filtering out stuff you don’t notice but definitely DON’T want you or your guests breathing in at any time of year.

So let your indoor air quality system do its thing and you can focus on the fun parts of gathering together! Happy and healthy holidays to all! Interested in adding a Lennox PureAir™ system to your home comfort system? Contact us online or call us at (919) 853-7910.

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