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Do You LOVE Your Furnace This February?

Do you love your furnace

Is your furnace your BFF or a bothersome appliance you barely tolerate? Find out your inner furnace feelings by answering these questions!

This is supposed to be just like the funny quizzes you always see in magazines – but, with some truth to it this time! So, without further ado…

Question 1: Your significant other wants to turn down the thermostat to save money. You:

A) Refuse – you’ll freeze without toasty temps! (0 points)

B) Compromise at a reasonable temperature after researching how decreasing temp setting 8-10 degrees for 8 hours a day saves 10% on your electric bill. (2 points)

C) Enthusiastically agree – let’s never go above 55 F again! (1 point)

Question 2: The furnace filter needs changing:

A) Keep postponing the annoying chore for months. (0 points)

B) Handle it promptly to maintain airflow. (2 points)

C) Do it…soon, you swear! (1 point)

Question 3: Your furnace is over 15 years old. You feel:

A) It’s practically an antique! Time for a shiny new one. (1 point)

B) It still works fine on the whole. Repairs as needed, but keep in mind that new equipment can save money in the long run. (2 points)

C) You don’t have any idea of your furnace’s age. (0 points)

Question 4: You overhear your furnace making a noise. You:

A) Call a technician immediately. It must be broken! (1 point)

B) Listen closely to diagnose where it’s coming from, then call Weather Master. (2 points)

C) Ignore it – occasional sounds are normal. (0 points)

Question 5: Your heating and cooling repair bill is higher than you thought:

A) Angrily demand they lower the “rip off” charges. (0 points)

B) Ask for an explanation of all charges. (2 points)

C) Pay without question – quality work deserves fair pay. (1 point)

Question 6: The furnace tech suggests upgrades to increase efficiency. What do you do?

A) Decline – don’t try to upsell me! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (0 points)
B) Request a quote to evaluate if it’s worthwhile long-term, carefully considering the cost of “doing nothing”. (2 points)

C) Accept immediately – stay ahead of the curve on heating technology. (1 point)

Question 7: A repair requires extensive dismantling of furnace components. You:

A) Despair over the messy complexity – what a pain! (0 points)

B) Trust the technician’s process, but don’t get involved at all. (1 point)

C) Watch carefully to learn about the system. Knowledge is power! (2 points)

Question 8: Cold rooms in your home make you feel:

A) Annoyed – the ducts must be faulty. (1 point)

B) Motivated to inspect vents for blockages. (2 points)
C) Chilly – time to grab a sweater. (0 points)

Question 9: When people complain about stuffy indoor air, you:

A) Bond over frustration with poor ventilation. (0 points)

B) Boast about your optimized whole-home air purifier from Lennox. (1 point)

C) Suggest looking into upgraded air filtration options, like the Lennox PureAir. (2 points)

Question 10: Your furnace stops working on the coldest day of the year. What do you do?

A) Practically have a meltdown. How could it do this to you?! (0 points)

B) Just do anything possible to stay warm! Wear 10 layers if you must! (1 point)

C) Bundle up with blankets and call Weather Master, for their 24-hour emergency repair service. It’s all good. (2 points)

Now, it’s time to add up your score!

0-8: Furnace Foe – You see your furnace as a bothersome appliance. Try appreciating its heating service and build a happier relationship!

9-15: Furnace Friend – You maintain your system responsibly, listen to it closely, and treat repairs as a normal part of home ownership. But you have room to be more proactive.

15-20: Furnace Fanatic – You obsess over every furnace feature, demand peak performance, and prioritize cutting-edge heating technology. Your relationship with your furnace will burn bright forever!

So, how compatible are you and your furnace? Let us know your results! And, if they’re less than lovely, you can always ask Weather Master to step in and help! Contact us online or call us at (919) 853-7910.

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