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How to Prep Your HVAC System for a North Carolina Snowstorm


So, a winter storm warning is on the news, and everybody is flocking to the grocery store, buying food, flashlights, blankets, and a kerosene heater…All good ideas, but most people don’t consider preparing their HVAC system for the blizzard!  Here’s our step-by-step guide (although, being the first to get to the grocery store is important too!): …


HVAC Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Air heat pump and house model

Most of us have had encounters with HVAC technicians in our homes. And we learned that understanding the industry lingo can be difficult. We want to help make your first or next experience with an HVAC technician a good one. Below are some of the most common HVAC terms you may want to know!


Alternative Ways to Cool Your Home

Illustration of a remote controlled air conditioner

As we get closer to summer, the temperature is going to continue to rise. That said, you will probably find yourself cranking up the A/C or gathering around the nearest fan for some relief. However, these aren’t the only tricks you can use to help keep you and your home cool. There are plenty of ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up your electric bill.


Backup Generator Safety Tips

A Generator

Storms are rampant this time of year. With that in mind, you may find yourself using your backup generator more often than you’d like. Safely using that generator is key, as they can be dangerous if you’re unfamiliar with them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using your generator this season.


Your Spring HVAC Checklist

Shot of a father and his little daughter doing chores together at home

It’s time to dust off the grime the winter weather left behind and get ready for spring. We all know that during the spring it’s a good idea to get some heavy-duty cleaning done to help prepare for the months ahead. But how does this affect your home’s HVAC system and indoor air quality? Here are a few things you should do around your home to prepare your HVAC equipment for the new season.


5 Reasons to Use a Smart Programmable Thermostat

A traditional programmable thermostat can be confusing; they can be overly complicated and frustrate the user. Despite the significant savings that these programmable thermostats offer, the simple fact is most people aren’t going to be able to take full advantage of them due to their complexity.


2019 HVAC Tech Trends

HVAC has been around since the start of the twentieth century. That’s a long time, but by and large, the technology hasn’t changed all that much up until the last 15 years or so.

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