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Do You “Feel The Love”? (Community Program)

Weather Master of North Carolina is pleased to announce its active participation in the Lennox nationwide “Feel The Love” campaign; a dynamic nationwide platform designed to help Weather Master and Lennox – together – positively improve and impact the lives of deserving people and families. 

With this signature program Weather Master, Lennox and community members in the greater North Carolina area will be nominating individuals and families who could realize the benefit of a new heating or cooling system.

“Since 1977, Weather Master has taken an active role in the communities that we serve. And, by embracing Lennox’s core values of integrity, excellence and respect, we’re eager to be helping out those who normally wouldn’t be asking for help – those who wouldn’t normally put themselves first.  ‘Feel The Love’ allows us to do just that … to make a difference,” said Joanna Worthington.

What makes “Feel The Love” unique is that it’s a program that recognizes those who consistently put the needs of others before the needs of themselves, at the risk of ensuring their own personal needs are being met.  Many nominees simply don’t have the means to make their homes more comfortable on their own. That’s where nominations from community members come in; nominations for unsung heroes including (but not limited to): teachers, firefighters, volunteers, families facing hard times, veterans, senior citizens living in older homes, and people impacted by natural disasters.

In short, anyone who serves others is a good candidate for a “Feel The Love” nomination.  

Participation in “Feel The Love” is a seamless extension of service and having community consciousness, as it provides a sense of both purpose and pride. Simply log on to to nominate whoever you believe might be a beneficial recipient. Weather Master and Lennox will vet all nominations, and then Weather Master will donate the required time, labor and volunteers, while Lennox provides the equipment.

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