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Is it Time to Replace Your Tub?


Looking at the question above, the answer may seem kind of obvious. Because when you imagine a tub that needs to be replaced, you probably imagine this cracked, mildewy, dangerous tub…

With chunks of enamel taken out and threatening to cut you!

But actually, this question, “Is it time to replace your tub,” isn’t simple as meets the eye.

First of all, mold around your bathtub isn’t something that’s going to be immediately obvious. By the time it’s obvious, there may be quite a bit of water damage and also dangerous spores! So it’s better to learn how to prevent mold in your bathroom, or at least how to spot the signs around your tub early on.

Because the bathroom is a highly humid environment, and because your tub is vulnerable to tiny leaks that may be hard to spot, it’s the perfect condition for mold to grow undetected. Oh, great!

The best ways to prevent mold growth in your bathroom are:

  • Letting the exhaust fan run and circulate
  • Keeping your bathroom doors open
  • Letting fresh air through a window if possible
  • Dry your bathroom floor, and the walls too, after you take a shower.

The nuclear steps would be to put in a dehumidifier, and also to waterproof your bathroom: seal the grout of your tiles and put a semi-gloss paint on your bathroom walls.

Mold can’t grow on either of those two surfaces.

Like we said, when it comes to detecting mold, especially around your tub, it’s not as easy as meets the eye. There could be visible mold, but that probably means the problem is already out of control. (You can buy a home mold test kit to tell what kind of mold it is and how dangerous it is.)

A subtler sign that your leaky tub is causing a mold problem is a musty smell, even after you’ve dried and cleaned your bathroom. This means you have a puddle of moisture and/or a leak that’s hidden somewhere.

And of course, there could be leaks around your tub too. Usually it will be obvious because you’ll see a little puddle right by your tub, but there’s also a way to test it for leaks easily.

All you have to do is fill the bathtub with water, plug the drain, leave it alone for a few hours, and then come back and see if the water level has decreased.

If it does, that’s one great reason to get a bathtub replacement!

Do you suspect your tub is leaky? Or, is it severely stained and not just dirty?

We here at Weather Master are happy to say we offer remodeling services and have a wide range of not only bathtubs but sinks, faucets, and other home fixtures we can install for you.

We are committed to doing “Whatever It Takes,” so call us at (919) 853-7910 or contact us online!

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