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How to Fix a HOT Upstairs!

A hot upstairs in a Raleigh home

The most annoying air conditioner issue in summer is if it simply doesn’t work. The second most annoying issue? Your downstairs is cool, but your upstairs is HOT!

Today, we’re going to explain what makes the upstairs hot and humid, and more importantly, perfect DIY solutions to cool it down. After all, this is probably where you sleep. And the last thing you want is to be a gross, sweaty, restless mess!

Why is my upstairs hotter than the downstairs?

You are probably already a little bit familiar with the scientific reason behind this. Who hasn’t heard the expression, “heat rises?” But to go into a bit more detail, the reason heat rises is because hot air expands, which makes it float on top of the more dense cold air. But just leaving our explanation as “heat rises” would mean missing the other KEY explanation as to why your upstairs is hot:

Hot air is drawn to cold air like a magnet. That means the hot air from your attic is naturally going to gravitate down, to your upstairs! So, “heat rises” is only part of the equation. The heat from your first floor is rising to the second floor, but the heat from the attic is also falling. No wonder your upstairs is hot; it’s being attacked from both sides!

The DIY solutions

If your upstairs is too hot, the likely problem is poor insulation in your attic, or bad ventilation throughout the home. Of course, the simplest but not the best solution is to just use a stand-alone fan in a specific hot room.

But in order to actually fix the problem:

  • Check around your home for air leaks around doors and windows, or vents that are screwed on too loosely. Even soffits or other exterior openings, like the ones that your TV cable wires run through, can be a source of hot summer air leaks!
  • Look into attic insulation/sealing solutions, such as blown-in insulation, multi-layer insulation, or attic fans (solar-powered).
  • Install a ceiling fan in a hot upstairs room.
  • Install LED bulbs to cool down your home. (They’re three times cooler than traditional bulbs, so that makes a big difference!)
  • Insulate windows with window film mounting tape, or with insulated shades that soak up the sun’s heat.

Talk to a Professional AC Contractor in Raleigh

Here at Weather Master, we have an even better solution to ensure your upstairs stays cool in the summer: a zoned system. A zoned system lets you manage the temperature of the downstairs and upstairs separately, which not only guarantees a cooler upstairs but will also allow you to save on energy bills with a smart thermostat that allows for greater control.

For immediate relief from your hot upstairs, contact Weather Master! We can help you find the right solution for your unique needs. All you need to do is call us today at (919) 853-7910 or contact us online.

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