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Zoning Your Home

“Being able to independently control the temperatures in separate rooms or areas of your North Carolina home, according to needs and occupancy, can greatly increase your comfort and enjoyment at home.”

-Installation Mgr., Weather Master

Reasons for Zoning Your Home

Different temps in a home
  • Decrease utility costs with temperature settings that will change automatically on schedule to reflect occupancy or usage
  • Increase comfort by fully modulating dampers that regulate the flow of conditioned air into the zones
  • Increase comfort with a system that can selectively cool or heat certain portions of a home
  • Iindependently depending upon space temperature requirements
  • Indoor humidity can be displayed and controlled
  • Monitors temperature plus humidity at the same time

Total Comfort = Zone Customization in Your Home

Lennox zoning system

Every room in your home is distinct in some way, whether it has to do with its location or function. Because of these differences, some areas require more lighting than others, and some parts of the house need more heating and cooling. When it comes to your home’s comfort, the Harmony III™ zoning system allows a high degree of customization. Instead of setting one temperature for your entire house, you can create separate temperature-controlled zones. With Harmony III™, you’ll enjoy ultimate comfort and control. Contact Weather Master for help setting up a totally customized, totally comfortable zoned system.

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