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7 Water Heater Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Water Heater Tips

When it comes to your water heater, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. Take some of that knowledge from the experts at Weather Master…

From maintenance to efficiency upgrades, there’s plenty you can do to ensure you have hot water at your convenience and avoid untimely breakdowns. We’re gonna “spill” some helpful hot water tips in this blog, so read on!

Regular maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, you didn’t think your water heater would run forever without any TLC, did ya? Give your tank some yearly love by flushing out sediment and replacing the anode rod every 5-10 years. This helps prevent corrosion and keeps things flowing smoothly. For tankless models, tackle limescale buildup with regular descaling. Taking the time for basic care now prevents a catastrophic failure down the road!  It is best to contact a professional service provider for these valuable maintenance services.

Automatic water shutoffs

While we’re on the topic of avoiding a catastrophe, leak detection accessories like automatic water shut-off valves are a must! These devices detect any water where it shouldn’t be and immediately turn off the supply. Even if your unit didn’t come with a shut-off valve pre-installed, retrofitting options are very possible. Protect your home and peace of mind for a relatively minimal investment.

Smart water heaters

If those smart home gadgets have you drooling, good news – many newer water heaters come Wi-Fi or app-enabled! Monitor your usage, tweak temperatures, and receive status notifications straight from your smartphone. Some can even automatically adjust the thermostat when you’re out of town to save energy. Pretty slick stuff if you ask us!

Don’t cap the T&P valve

Now for a safety PSA – never EVER cap a T&P (Temperature & Pressure Relief) valve to stop a leak! This vital part provides critical temperature/pressure relief to avoid literal explosions. Simply replace the valve if you’re having issues. Preventing terrible failure is well worth the small replacement cost and labor.

Temperature settings

Speaking of temperature, resisting the urge to crank up your unit’s heat setting is wise if you have little ones. The higher the temperature, the faster scalding can occur if tiny hands get under the stream. Protect your kids (or just someone who hates steaming hot water) by keeping it set at a reasonable setting.

Insulate it

Increasing efficiency doesn’t require high-tech tricks either. Insulating your pipes and wrapping the water heater itself can make a noticeable difference in energy usage. Even in temperate climates (like Raleigh isn’t so bad, right?) wrapping that tank prevents precious heat from dissipating into the surrounding air.

New technologies

Last but not least, exciting new water heating technologies continue to emerge all the time. Cutting-edge options like heat pumps and solar models are gaining traction. But until that fully happens, we at Weather Master have the latest tech too, like the GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater. The GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater is 70% more efficient than a standard electric 50-gallon water heater, saving the average 2-4 person household $150-$300 every year* on average in water heating expenses.

The future looks bright when it comes to innovative hot water solutions.

We hope these 7 tidbits help you make the most of your home’s water heating! Let us know if you have any other questions – we’re always happy to lend expert insight. Until next time!

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