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4 Steps to Evenly Heat Your Home…AND Keep the Peace in the Process

Struggling with a heating or cooling system that unevenly regulates the temperature of your home can be downright annoying- or the cause of turmoil in an otherwise peaceful household. Follow the step-by-step process below to regulate the temperature in your home.

Step 1- Locate and clear the area around your cold air returns

Your duct system does more than just pump hot air into the rooms in your home. It pulls the cold air out too. If you take a look at the vents in your rooms- you will notice some that do not have controls on them- these are your cold air returns. Make sure that you do not have anything blocking the returns, or you may be the one causing the room to heat unevenly.

Step 2- Bring on the heat

If clearing your cold air returns doesn’t fix the problem it’s time to bring on the heat. Completely open every heat register in your home and set your thermostat to your ‘ideal’ temperature.

Step 3- Make adjustments to the hottest room in your home FIRST

Locate the room in your home that always seems to be the warmest of all and close the heat vent by half. Wait about an hour and check the temperature again. If it’s still too hot, adjust it by half again. Move on to the next room once this one is at your ideal temperature.

Step 4- Move on to adjust the rest of the rooms in your home

The idea is that by reducing airflow to the hottest rooms in your home you will free up air to flow into the coldest room.

Still didn’t fix the problem? Zoning your home may be the solution you are looking for. Zoning allows you to independently control the temperatures of separate rooms in your home, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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