What Does Winter Mean in North Carolina?

What Does Winter Mean in North Carolina?

winter in Raleigh North Carolina

A typical winter in North Carolina can be mild and wet. We may receive up to six inches of snow, and have lows as low as the teens, but, typically, we have pleasant winters.

Occasionally, however, we have winter storms such as what hit a majority of the United States recently, where we get a combination of ice and snow and frigid temperatures. That’s when your heating and air conditioning technicians at Weather Master are at their best.

For some, like technician Daniel, winter means a time for family, with the holidays. But, also, that’s when he knows it’s time for comfort.

“It’s a time to have a comfortable, reliable and safe refuge in which to retreat from the sometimes-harsh wintery conditions that Mother Nature bestows upon the Triangle area,” says Daniel.

He’s right. We know that winter is when we get a lot of phone calls asking why they have to continuously tick up their thermostat to get rid of the chill that is upon them. They wonder if their thermostat is reading the temperature currently, or if their heating system is functioning properly.

These questions can be easily answered by looking at their humidification system. Weather Master technicians can measure the relative humidity in your home. The lack of moisture in the air can make the air feel colder and less comfortable. With a whole-home humidifier from Weather Master, the system will not only increase the level of comfort in your home, but contribute to a healthier environment.

Another big thing North Carolina homeowners worry about during the winter is if their heating system is safe and reliable for the entire system—no one wants to wake up to a heater no longer working on the coldest day of the year.

“As a service technician, I relish every opportunity I have to ensure that homeowners’ heating systems will be safe, reliable and provide an optimal environment for health and comfort,” says Daniel.

Because of that, our technicians perform thorough inspections on everything having to do with your heating system—the function, the cleanliness, energy efficiency, etc. They also check for anything dealing with carbon monoxide, gas or electricity. We not only want you to be warm and comfortable, but we want your home and family safe.

A North Carolina Winter means that it’s time to stay warm and comfortable, and that’s when Weather Master wants to serve you the most. Call Weather Master today to schedule your maintenance and safety inspection appointment.

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