Love your home

February is a month dedicated to things people love: their spouses, their kids, their pets and even their homes. With that in mind, showing some love to the inner intricacies that make your home function on a regular basis isn’t a half bad idea, actually it’s a great one!

HVAC system maintenance is often overlooked on a daily basis. Instead people opt to sweep the floors, dust the windows and tend to the yard without even thinking of the HVAC systems that keep us comfortable each and every day.

To ensure your HVAC system is getting all the love and attention it deserves, here are a few easy ways to keep it running smoothly the rest of the year.

Check/change air filters

A great place to start is with the air filters. Even though in North Carolina it hasn’t been bitter cold, it will get chilly at night, so you may be cranking up the heat. During these cooler months it’s always a good idea to check the filters once a month for contaminants. If you notice your filter picking up a lot of contaminants, it may have to be changed sooner than the standard recommendation of every three months.

Check vents

Checking your vents is the second easiest thing to do after checking your air filter. Go around your home and simply make sure that the vents and air grilles aren’t blocked or obstructed. If they are, this can cause performance issues and system overheating. Your HVAC system is designed to move air, and if it can’t do its job, that’s bad for your system and your wallet!

Install carbon monoxide detectors

Most heating and cooling systems use fossil fuels to power them; yours is more than likely one of these systems. A byproduct of this energy use is carbon monoxide, but you would never know this because your home vents it outside where it’s safe to release. However, HVAC systems can create what is called a “carbon monoxide build-up” which typically occurs when the vents that lead outside are blocked or obstructed in some way. It’s always a good idea to check these vents if you can access them. It is also highly recommended to have carbon monoxide detectors placed around your home.

HVAC maintenance agreements

Typically, a maintenance agreement with your local HVAC company means that you’re going to pay a fee for priority service, and that’s it. Weather Master not only gives you priority service with their CAIRfree™ Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement, you get preventative tune-ups twice a year for both heating & cooling systems to ensure you catch any problems before they happen. And say you do run into a hiccup and need a repair, customers with this agreement enjoy 10% off all heating & cooling repairs! So show your HVAC system some extra love this month by bringing in the professionals to lend a helping hand!

Call a Trusted Raleigh HVAC Contractor

If you have any questions about your HVAC system, vents, air filter etc., Weather Master Heating & Air Conditioning would be more than happy to help. We serve the Raleigh, NC area with quality HVAC repair, maintenance and installation. Give us a call at (919) 853-7910 .