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10 Tips to Cut Energy Costs

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For many of us, the new year means wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. It’s a great time to try out new lifestyle habits like eating clean, hitting the gym, or saving money on your electric bill. While we can’t provide too much help when it comes to diet and exercise, we fancy ourselves energy experts. Check out our tips for starting the new year with a lower energy bill!

1. Air Dry Dishes

    If your dishwasherhas the option for a heated dry, turn it off. A little time spent hand dryingis an easy way to cut your energy bill.

2. Get a Check-Up

    A system tune-upis the easiest way to ensure your it’s running as efficiently as possible. Scheduleyours today!

3. Install Dimmer Switches

    Dimmer switcheslet you control the mood and yourenergy usage. Win-win!

4. Check Weather Strips

    Have you swappedout your weather strips recently? It might be time for an upgrade. A sneaky airleak from worn weather strips is money slipping out the door.

5. Lower Your Hot Water Temperature

    How hot is yourwater? Around 13% of your home’s electricity is spent heating water alone. Setyour water around 130 degrees to rake in the savings.

6. Keep Your Water Heater Clean

    Sendiment build upmakes your water heater work harder than it has to. Call Weather Master at(919) 853-7910 to service your water heater today!

7. Power Strips Should Worker Smarter, Not Harder

    Smart power stripsturn off completely after a set amount of time. So all of the appliancesattached to those power strips that typically draw standby energy (TVs,computers, cable boxes) are turned completely off.

8. Switch to LEDs

    LEDs use lesspower than traditional light bulbs. If you’re not ready to climb fully aboardthe LED train, just swap out the lights you use most often.

9. Clean Your Coils

    Have you evercleaned your fridge coils? It’s not something that typically makes it onto ourSpring-cleaning lists. But when your refrigerator has dirty condenser coils, ithas to work harder to keep your foods at the designated temperature. Tuneup your fridge once every three months to keep everything runningsmoothly.

10. When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

    By providing the very best in airconditioning repair, heating repair, plumbing & air quality equipment andservices, Weather Master Heating & Air Conditioning and Weather Master’sMr. Plumber delivers world-class service with a small-company touch. Visit Weather Mastertoday. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to give you immediatecomfort.

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