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How to Keep Guest Cool This Summer

Friends toasting with wine and beer at rustic dinner party

The 4th of July has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to throw anymore backyard BBQs or parties. With that in mind, the sunshine and warm weather that draws us together this time of the year can also pose a challenge to keep everyone cool and comfortable.

Here are five tips on how to keep your guests cool thisseason:

1. Take advantage of water misters

We put misters on here first as they provide a uniquelevel of cool and comfort while also being very affordable. Most misters can beattached to a patio hose or faucet and can lower the temperature in an area byup to 20 degrees! That’s impressive cooling considering the cost for a misteris typical around the $20 mark.

2. Keep your guests hydrated

Much like the way summer gatherings are centered around grilling,they also tend to be centered around beer and other adult beverages that worsendehydration.

And while the adults are enjoying beer or wine, the kidsare usually drinking sodas, which are not nearly as hydrating as good,old-fashioned water. Tea has caffeine, so it is not as hydrating as water, butserving iced tea can also help keep your guests hydrated and cool.

Encourage your guests to drink water by making it readilyavailable wherever they can grab a drink. Make sure your beer and soda coolersor buckets also have some bottled water. You can also make it more appealing byfilling a large drink dispenser with water and adding sliced lemons, limes,oranges or cucumber.

3. Consider portable coolers

Portable coolers are a great way to keep refreshmentscool and close by. But we’re not talking about your standard type of coolerwe’re talking about electric coolers that keep things cold without having theadded hassle of adding ice. These coolers often times come with rechargeablebatteries that make bringing them to parks or tailgates even easier.

4. Install outdoor fans

Keeping the air moving is an effective way to keep youroutdoor living areas cooler, which makes patio fans a necessity for anyhomeowner who hosts parties during the hotter summer months. Ceiling fans arereadily available for covered patios, and oscillating, standing fans designedfor outdoor use can be found at home improvement stores. Even a regular box fancan make a big difference on a hot day.

5. Limit or delay fire features

Fire pits and patio fireplaces provide a centralgathering place and a welcoming environment at parties, but when the weatherheats up, it might be best to forgo the fire features. If you really want tohave an inviting fire to help set the mood, hold off on lighting it until afterdark and after the temperature has dropped significantly. You should also makesure you have plenty of seating options that are away from the fire featureallowing guests to avoid the heat if desired. Sitting away from the fire stillallows you and your guests to enjoy the light and ambiance without feeling theextreme heat.

If you decide to take the party inside, but you’re wary ofyour A/C unit’s ability to keep its cool, our HVAC technician can set yoursystem up for success! Give Weather Master a call at (919) 853-7910 or schedule anappointment online.

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