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How Hail Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

Hail in hands after hailstorm

Last year there were at least 88 hail events reported in this part of North Carolina, with some hail being  nickel- to quarter-sized. Hail can damage your car, roof, and even your air conditioner. When your air conditioning unit suffers from hail damage, there may be dents to the metal housing of the unit and flattening of the fins, but it’s more than just cosmetic damage.


Damage you can see

Hail can hit the thin metal slats, which direct the airflow outside from your condenser coil. If these are damaged, air flow can be restricted. A reduction in airflow hinders the air conditioner’s ability to transfer heat from inside your house to the outside, which causes the equipment to work harder.


Damage you can’t see

Sometimes hailstones are large enough to dent the fan motor and blades, causing them to wobble. The fan will still run, but the wobbling will cause more extensive damage over time. A blade that is cracked or severely bent by a hailstone can result in a complete shut-down of the system.


Hail can also damage the tubing in the condenser coils, the thermostat wiring, the refrigerant tube and even the ductwork.

Whenever you see or suspect hail damage to your air conditioning unit, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. An expert AC repair technician can examine your system properly to see if there has been any internal damage that will lead to problems later on. Even as little as 10 percent damage can negatively impact your equipment’s operating efficiency.

You don’t want to have increased cooling bills with decreased capacity for cooling simply because you didn’t know there was hail damage to your unit. When seasonal storms bring the unwelcome surprise of hail damage, we can help. Text us (919-752-4999) or schedule your next appointment online!

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