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Beat the Summer Humidity!

Stay cool in the Raleigh heat

Everyone talks about the summer heat, but what about that summer humidity? This season is hot and humid, sometimes with humidity levels reaching between 80% and 90%. High levels of humidity make the temperature feel even hotter than it really is, because the moisture in the air is making it difficult for our bodies to naturally cool down.

Going inside could help you escape the humidity. But, if your A/C unit isn’t working properly, that hot, humid air could be inside your home, too. Here are some ways you can keep the moisture out of your home this summer.


Tips to keep humidity out of your home this summer:


Use ceiling fans.

Using your fans will help draw cooler air from the floor and distribute it throughout the room.  Make sure ceiling fans are moving counter clockwise. To save energy, only use fans when the rooms are occupied.

Maintain your A/C System.

Your air conditioning system makes your home feel cooler by removing moisture from the air. To ensure your system is running smoothly, and therefore providing the most comfortable indoor environment, make sure you get an A/C tune-up. By having a technician tune-up your equipment, you can ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently and comfortably.  Our techs will check filters, hoses and coolants, in addition to preventive maintenance as well.

Replace A/C Filters.

A clogged or dusty filter can affect your air quality, reduce the air flow, and actually even increase humidity in your home. Change your air filters monthly to keep your air clean and comfortable. 


Keep your Raleigh, NC area home cool and comfortable this summer. Text us at (919) 752-4999, or go online to schedule your A/C tune-up before the hottest days of summer hit!


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