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Host Your Halloween Party Without Furnace Failures

Halloween parties and your furnace

Your heating system works overtime during Halloween parties!

So, follow these tips from Weather Master now to ensure your celebration doesn’t later result in a chilling furnace failure:

1. “Ghastly” Guests: Before your party, lower your thermostat by 5 degrees. As your home fills with guests and their body heat, the temperature will rise quickly. Pre-cooling your space gives your furnace a head start, preventing it from working extra hard later.

2. Filter Fright: In the days following your Halloween extravaganza, change your furnace air filters. With all the dust from decorating and the extra traffic from your guests, filters can quickly become clogged, reducing airflow. Fresh filters keep the air clean and your furnace running smoothly.

3. “Boo” Blocks: Check your floor and wall vents before setting up your Halloween decorations. Make sure they’re not obstructed by spooky props or rearranged furniture. Blocked vents force your furnace to work harder, potentially leading to overheating and inefficiency. Ensure a minimum 12″ clearance around all registers and returns for unobstructed airflow.

4. “Creepy” Cleanup: After the party is over, inspect around vents and returns for any candy mishaps like melted chocolate, spilled drinks, or sticky gum, that might be getting close to the vents. It may sound like a bit of a stretch, but parties are when your house gets messiest, and when food, decorations, etc. might be getting close to your vents. Keeping your ducts and furnace interior free from this stuff, will save you from costly issues in the future.

5. Spine-Chilling Fog: If you plan to use fog machines for an eerie ambiance, beware of the residue they leave behind. Most fog juices contain mineral oil that can clog up your furnace’s internal ducts. Consider using dry ice fog, or instead position fog machines away from vents to limit furnace exposure.

6. Wicked Webs: Instead of cotton cobwebs, opt for durable cobweb materials like tissue or acrylic webbing for your spooky decorations. Loose cotton decor can easily find its way into your vents, leading to a buildup of debris that’s no different than having a bunch of dust bunnies stuck in there!

Talk to the Heating Repair, Service and Installation Experts

If your furnace needs a tune-up for the spooky season or encounters any eerie issues, the experts at Weather Master here in Raleigh are happy to help. Contact us online or call us at (919) 853-7910.

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