Don’t Let Your Cash & Comfort Slip Through the Cracks

Don’t Let Your Cash & Comfort Slip Through the Cracks.

Blowing Money Away

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, small air leaks from our windows can decrease your home efficiency by as much as 30%. We can’t have our cozy warm furnace air floating out the window when the winter hits! Time to seal up the windows, tighten up the doors, and relax in your total home comfort.

Follow these steps to ensure you aren’t leaking your warm air out:

Windows- Hold a lit candle near all joints, and if the candle flickers there is an air leak. In the event there is a leak, try these methods.
• Caulk around your window. Most air leaks are caused from a breakdown in connection between the window and house frame. By caulking the window where the frame meets the exterior siding will prevent air leaks.
• Air is also subject to leak when the weather strip becomes worn. Grab yourself a replacement peel-and-stick roll at your local home center, and make the switch.
• To finish off sealing your windows inject foam sealant between the window and house frame. This final touch will also prevent any water leaks into your house.

Doors- Air leaks in your door frame are very common. When the moisture in your soil changes, your home can shift. This can cause your doors to shift, and can create wide gaps. If this has occurred in your home, use these solutions.
• First add a foam sealant between the frame of your house and your door frame by extracting the casing (the interior of the door). The casing is the wood trim that covers your joints between the wall and frame of your door.
• After your door is sealed, add some weather stripping to your door frame. No matter what type exterior door your home has, weather stripping will do the job.

That’s it! Use these simple steps to keep money in your pocket and winter out.

Now go and save some energy!

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