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CAIRfree™ Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement Sign Up

Please complete the form below for our CAIRfree™ Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement and save 10% today. 

Weather Master will come out twice a year to perform a multi-point tune-up which will give you peak performance from your air conditioning and heating system.

*Any necessary repairs will be billed as demand service with 10% discount on labor and materials.

Customer Benefits Include:
Prolonged Equipment Life, 10% Discount on Repairs, Reduced Energy Bills, Priority Scheduling, No Overtime rates, Peace of mind, and Safety! Services you will receive:


For Winter:

  • Check heat exchanger,
  • Monitor flue draft,
  • Check safety controls,
  • Clean ignition assembly,
  • Check gas pressure,
  • Clean burners,
  • Clean pilot assembly

For Summer:

  • Clean condensate drains,
  • Check refrigerant,
  • Clean condensor coil,
  • Inspect evaporator coil

Twice a Year:

  • Test starting capacitor,
  • Lubricate moving parts,
  • Calibrate thermostats,
  • Check conditioning capacity,
  • Oil fan motors,
  • Monitor voltage,
  • Check airflow only,
  • Monitor amperage,
  • Tighten electrical components,
  • Adjust blowers,
  • Clean blowers

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