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Why is My House So Humid?

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Why does your home feel like Florida in July, when you’re in Raleigh in August?

Raleigh summers can still feel as humid as a gator’s armpit, so it’s important to know how to keep your house cool and dry. So, grab a cool drink, and let’s de-mist-ify the reasons why your A/C may not be doing its job right. (Because a big part of its job is dehumidifying your home without drying it out too much.)

You’re underusing your A/C

One common mistake that folks make in the pursuit of saving some money is not using their A/C enough. You may think you’re doing something smart by switching off the A/C when you’re not home. But that’s like letting in a swamp monster. The beast sneaks into your home, soaking your walls, carpet, and furniture with moisture. Your A/C then must work overtime to evict this unwanted guest, costing you more in energy bills. Our tip? Keep the A/C running and the swamp outside where it belongs.

Normal home activities

Another humidity horror comes from everyday activities like cooking and bathing. The use of ovens, stoves, showers, and baths generate steam, which can increase the moisture content of the air inside your home. Utilizing exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms can help mitigate this problem by expelling the humid air outside.

Your attic

Here’s a surprise guest at the humidity party – your attic. If the insulation is inadequate or has gaps, it can allow warm, moist air from outside to infiltrate your home, raising the indoor humidity levels. Proper sealing and insulation can save your attic from becoming a sauna and affecting your living spaces.

Not enough maintenance

Neglected maintenance or malfunctioning parts in your A/C system could also be turning your comfy home into a tropical jungle. A clogged air filter or dirty coils could be preventing your A/C from cooling down properly. The fix? Regular check-ups! Treat your system like your precious car, with regular maintenance, and it’ll thank you by running smoothly and efficiently.

Last thoughts

And remember, your home’s humidity level should be lounging at around 50%. If it’s running higher than that, consider getting a hygrometer or a smart thermostat to keep an eye on it. 

Feeling swampy? Call us at Weather Master! We’ll kick out the humidity and bring back your cool, dry comfort. Our experts will review your system and, if beneficial, recommend indoor air quality accessories that can help you feel more comfortable in the most humid weather. After all, we’re not just about making your home cool; we’re about making it comfortable, too!

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