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Water Heater Maintenance ‒ Flush & Fill

Maintenance on your water heater is recommended. According to many major water heater manufacturers, the storage tank in your water heater needs to be drained and flushed free of sediment every 6 to 12 months. Many warranties suggest your water heater should be inspected at a minimum annually by a qualified plumber for damaged components and/or joints not sealed.

Flushing this sediment once per year, improves the efficiency of your hot water heater, saving you money. A water heater that is full of sediment will have to work harder and longer to heat water. The longer it takes, the more energy you are using and the more your utility bills will be.

Sediment build up in your tank also decreases the life of your water heater. This sediment leads to corrosion in your tank, eventually rusting the bottom of your water heater out, and causing potentially huge amounts of home damage.

The sediment in the bottom of the tank also displaces your hot water volume so you that you have less hot water available, not to mention the calcium, scale, rust, dirt and iron in the bottom of the tank. This build-up will eventually make it back out into your home water supply if left unchecked long enough.

So remember, this simple Flush & Fill service will increase efficiency, save you money in utilities, increase the volume of hot water available and extend the life of your water heater. It’s a simple solution to a potentially disastrous problem!

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