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What are These? A Guide to Common Plumbing Pipes In Your Home

Plumbing DIY

Weather Master technicians know plumbing pipes, but that doesn’t mean homeowners do. We want you to feel more comfortable with your plumbing system. That’s why we created this quick guide about the most common pipes and their uses in your home. This will come in handy when you’re looking to repair your Raleigh-area home’s plumbing.…


8 Things to Consider Before Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Most mistakes happen when people fail to think everything through – or buy the wrong plumbing products for the job. So, before you undertake your next big project, consider the following:   1. The size of your drains The industry standard is 1.5 inches, and that’s what you see in most new construction. However, remember…


Plumbing Considerations for Your Bathroom

Raleigh Plumber

One of the best upgrades for increasing the value of your home is a bathroom remodel. Cabinet styles and floor plans change every few years and updating these can add comfort and convenience to your home. The fun part of a remodel is selecting the cabinets, tile and faucets – these are a matter of…

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