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Recently Mandated Water Heater Regulations Could Mean Expensive Changes for Residents of NC

In an effort to reduce the amount of energy we consume as a country, the U.S. Department of Energy has mandated new energy efficient standards for all water heaters manufactured over 55 gallons in capacity.
The new regulations call for much higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings for all water heaters that are manufactured after April 15, 2015.

According to, the average family of 4 needs a water heater with a capacity of 80 or more gallons to meet their needs.

Greg Worley, of Weathermaster’s Mr. Plumber, in Knightdale, North Carolina explains, “The new standards are a step in the right direction to making homes more energy efficient in the future, however, the changes could prove to be an expensive hurdle for some North Carolina homeowners to overcome.”

The expensive hurdle being the rising cost of equipment, the average cost of a 60 gallon gas or electric water heater is currently between $700 and $1500 each. New, more energy-efficient units manufactured after April 15 will cost between $1200 and $2450 each.

In addition to sticker shock, homeowners can expect the new water heaters to be larger and more difficult to install than the units they have now.

According to Worley, “The new water heaters are larger than the less energy efficient units to allow for a more efficient heat pump system. Larger units may pose problems for homeowners who have their water heater located in smaller spaces, like a closet or an attic.”

Bulkier water heaters may force some homeowners to complete a small remodel to accommodate the newer units.
Other homeowners may have to move the location of their water heater entirely- often requiring the addition of new gas lines and other changes.

Worley encourages all homeowners residing near Raleigh whose water heaters are on their last leg to contact them before it is too late.

“We are urging anyone who is considering replacing their water heater over the next few years to reach out to their local plumber before the new changes go into effect this April. It is impossible to tell how the new changes could affect your home without a professional opinion.”

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