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Outdoor Safety: Electrical Tips from the Experts

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Summer is our favorite season here at Weather Master, and if you’re anything like us, you spend as much time outside as you can.

But while you’re enjoying time outdoors you’re probably not thinking as much about all of the electricity surrounding your backyard barbecues, pool parties and outdoor projects. Let us do that for you.

Here are some important electrical safety tips to keep in mind.

And always remember that attempting to repair an electrical system without proper knowledge can be dangerous, even deadly. Electrical emergencies can happen anytime. Should you have an emergency please contact a licensed electrical contractor versus risking a do it yourself nightmare. Weather Master Electricians are licensed and ready to perform any and all electrical repairs or upgrades you require.

Water and Electricity Don’t Mix. It is easy to get caught up in the moment during a fun afternoon at the pool or while washing your car, but don't forget to take safety precautions when utilizing water and electricity at the same time. Always keep outdoor outlets covered with weather-protected covers and use a Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Also, always keep appliances or electronics with cords away from pools, hot tubs and other open water.

If you own a pool or hot tub, you may benefit from having it inspected by a professional electrician. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Red Cross warn of the dangers of serious injury and even death as a result of electrocution from faulty underwater lighting or electrical wiring in pools and hot tubs.

The CPSC urges pool owners to, “upgrade protection to lights, receptacles and switches with GFCIs,” and notes older pools are the biggest concern, as underwater lighting may have degraded with age and may not be protected with GFCIs.”

Outdoor Electrical Tools and Extension Cords

Summer is also a popular time in North Carolina for outdoor projects and landscaping. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi) recommends following these safety rules when using portable electric or power tools outdoors:

• Store power tools and electrical appliances indoors and away from water (with the exception of a few appliances that designed to be stored outside, like electric barbeque grills
• Do not use an electrical tool or appliance while it is wet or in damp conditions (with the exception of appliances made for wet environments such as a snow blower)
• Never carry an electrical appliance by the cord 
• Do not use near sharp edges or in conditions that may damage your tool or appliance. Loose or damaged cords or equipment can quickly become a hazard
• Always keep outdoor electrical outlets covered
• If an electrical appliance or tool falls into the water, do not reach after it. Make sure that you are dry and not in contact with water or metal before unplugging it immediately
• Only use extension cords outdoors that are designed and clearly marked “For Outdoor Use.”
• Do not plug one extension cord into another- use the correct length cord
• Never leave an open line- always unplug an extension cord that is not in use

For more information about electrical repair and installation, please give us a call. If you’re in our Raleigh, North Carolina service area, you can schedule service online.

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