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Now Trending in Heating and Cooling: the Smart Thermostat.

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You don’t have to settle for just a smartphone anymore, put your heating and cooling system on autopilot too!

In appreciation of ‘all things smart,’ our thoughts have recently turned to our favorite use for home automation technology: the smart thermostat.

If keeping up with the Jetson’s is more your style than the Jones’ – a smart thermostat may be a good fit for you. You have better things to do than worry about your utility bills, and a smart thermostat can give you back the time and money you need.

A Smart Thermostat Can Do That

The smart thermostat is quickly becoming a favorite upgrade for technologically savvy and environmentally conscious homeowners alike.

“That sounds wonderful,” you may be thinking, but what can a smart thermostat do that a programmable thermostat cannot?

The answer is, plenty.

A programmable thermostat is convenient and allows you to adjust the temperature around the times and days of the week you and your family will be home. However, a smart thermostat goes one step further and can learn your routine and adjust ‘intuitively’ to your schedule.

Many smart thermostats can also adjust the temperature based on changes in humidity or your geographical location in relation to your home. How does a home that adjusts itself to your preferred temperature minutes before you walk in the door sound to you?

There’s an app for that.

Many smart thermostats also come equipped with the ability to manage your heating and cooling systems down to your energy consumption and estimated monthly bills- in real-time.

Did you spend a little more at the store than you intended? You can plot out how much money you would save simply by adjusting the temperature in your home a couple of degrees here and there.

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