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Get Your Heater Ready Now For Colder Weather


Summer is almost over and fall brings cooler temperatures. Most people haven’t thought about their heater and wouldn’t until it’s time to turn it on but now is actually the best time to get your furnace or heat pump ready for colder weather.


Weather Master has put together the top 7 reasons why you should act now and ensure your heating system is functioning properly. Whatever your favorite reason, just give us a call to get your home ready for colder weather.

  1. Annual maintenance can identify potential problems in your furnace or boiler that need to be fixed so you and your family aren’t left in the cold.


  1. An annual inspection and proper maintenance can extend the life of your system.


  1. Just like any major appliance in your home and even your automobile, your heating system needs regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently.


  1. Almost 75% of furnace breakdowns are due to neglect. In other words, proper maintenance can prevent many breakdowns and expensive repairs!


  1. Proper maintenance can keep your system running efficiently which lowers your energy bills which means more money for the holidays!


  1. The cleaner your furnace the cleaner the air in your house. We spend about 90% of our lives indoors so indoor air quality is extremely important.


  1. Carbon monoxide leaks are unsafe and an inspection of your furnace or boiler can identify leaks that pose serious health risks.
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