Is a Maintenance Plan Really Worth the Money?

Is a Maintenance Plan Really Worth the Money?

Maintenance plan checklist

It’s like they say, “An ounce of prevention is the best medicine.” The best way to prevent an issue from happening is with regular care and maintenance plan. Which is why Weather Master offers our CAIRfree Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement for the reassurance and comfort for your family.

When your Weather Master technician comes over to work with you on your air conditioning or heating system, he or she may talk about the maintenance plan. It’s not just a sales pitch, we really care about your family’s comfort and believe that a well-scheduled maintenance plan is the best course of action to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What’s involved in a Maintenance Plan?

Your Weather Master technician will come out twice a year to perform a multi-point tune-up on your furnace and air conditioning unit (depending on the season), as part of your purchased plan. Should any necessary repairs or replacements be made, you’ll receive a 10 percent discount on the labor and materials.

Just a sampling of what the CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement entails:

  • Clean the condensate drains and condenser coil in your air conditioner unit
  • Clean burners, pilot assembly and ignition assembly for your furnace
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Lubricate all moving parts for easy moving
  • Monitor voltage
  • And much more

Is there really a benefit to doing a maintenance plan?

The benefits are multiple when it comes to being part of the Weather Master CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement. Having routine tune-ups ensure a prolonged life for your heating and air conditioning equipment, giving you more bang for your buck and helping things last longer. Routine tune-ups help catch any potential problems that could turn out to be bigger had they never been caught. And, if there is a need for a repair, the agreement includes a 10 percent discount on those repairs.

Benefits of a maintenance plan include:

  • Lower energy bills Having equipment work efficiently means less energy is being used to operate the system, saving you money. If your system has been neglected for too long, parts will be dirty and run less smooth.
  • Less chance for a breakdown Routine maintenance keeps everything running cleanly, shrinking the chance that a major breakdown can happen when it’s most inconvenient—ever have your air conditioner breakdown on the hottest North Carolina day? Yep, routine maintenance can shrink that from happening.
  • Money savings A new heating and air conditioning system is a large investment for your home. We get that the equipment and installation is expensive, so to get the most out of that investment, you need routine tune-ups and checks as part of a maintenance plan. The longer you’re able to use your system, the more value you’ll get from both the system and our maintenance plan.
  • Preferred customer Being part of Weather Master’s CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement means you’re a preferred customer, with preferred scheduling when you need repairs.

Becoming part of the Weather Master CAIRfree team means we’ll work together to save you money, while keeping your home comfortable all year round. Contact Weather Master today to discuss our plans and sign up.

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