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Is Your Toilet Functioning Properly?

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Toilets that work 24/7, 365 days a year are something we expect. When one begins acting up, it’s never at a convenient time. And unless you’re at least somewhat handy, you may need professional plumbing help.

Before you call an expert plumber, here are some common issues and what to do.

Toilet runs continuously

When this happens, you’ll want to address it immediately. Not only is it annoying, but it also runs up your water bill. One reason for the constantly running toilet may be that the water level in the tank is dropping. Follow the following steps.

1. Remove the lid from the toilet tank, and carefully place it where it won’t fall and break.

2. Check the flapper (It’s usually red, black, or gray and lays over the pipe coming up from the bottom of the tank). If it’s not sealing the ‘flush valve’ opening, water from the tank will continually leak into the bowl, and the toilet will run constantly to keep the tank filled. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the flapper.

a. If the flapper appears to be in good shape or if replacing it doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to replace the entire flush valve assembly.

3. And while repairing a toilet isn’t usually a normal skill for most of us, it’s pretty easy to do. Look up your specific issue on YouTube where there are plenty of step-by-step, instructional videos for any repair or replacement. Plus, you can get assistance at any independent or chain hardware store. Not only do they carry the toilet parts or kits you may need, but they are also generally very helpful as far as answering your questions.

Leaking toilet

The second you notice a leak, don’t wait. Take action immediately as water will damage your floor and subfloor. Since you may be dealing with wastewater, it’s wise to wear waterproof gloves when cleaning up the leak. And then move quickly to fix the problem!

Leak at the water supply valve (on the wall of the bathroom)

1. Tighten the nut behind the valve about an eighth of a turn. Be careful not to damage the supply pipe. You may need to hold the pipe while turning the nut.

2. Check the supply line connection to the supply valve and tighten if needed.

3. If you see damage or if it is more than five years old, replace the supply line.

A leak where the supply line enters the toilet tank

1. Check the supply line connection to the toilet and tighten if needed.

2. Make sure the fill valve assembly is properly secured to the bottom of the tank.

3. Check the supply line. If you see damage or if it is more than five years old, replace the supply line.

Get Help from A Plumber

These are just some of the common plumbing problems we hear about from our customers every day. However, sometimes the fix for a problem isn’t so simple. When that happens, know you can call Weather Master’s Mr. Plumber for fast, reliable plumbing services in the Raleigh, NC area.

Give us a call at (919) 853-7910 or schedule an appointment online!

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