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Holiday Plumbing Tips: Deck the Pipes With … Nothing!


This holiday season, you’re decking the halls and decorating the home! But one thing that should have no “decoration” whatsoever is the inside of your pipes.

Many people are guilty of putting the wrong kinds of leftover holiday food down the kitchen sink disposal or flushing down excess fats, oils, greases, and other solids. But doing so can build up in your pipes and cause serious damage to them, as well as clogging your drain.

Here’s a quick list of things you shouldn’t be putting down your drain. Most of them are things you probably already know, but we guarantee a few of them will surprise you:

Fats, oils, and grease should never be poured down the drain. These substances cool as they travel through your pipes and create a clog that is difficult to remove. Eggshells should not be put down your disposal either — they will destroy it over time. Even rice, pasta, coffee grounds, and celery are bad ideas. These solid foods (which should be composted instead) expand as they cool and create a clog that may not ever budge!

Coffee grounds, as well as the leaves from tea bags, should be placed in the garbage can. Believe it or not, the grounds can actually clog plumbing. They clump together when water is added, and that’s when a clog happens.

This goes without saying, but … Band-Aids, cotton balls, tissues, and feminine hygiene products should also not go down the toilet or any other drain!

As long as you avoid putting any of these types of items into your plumbing system, you should have a very merry plumbing system. But like we said, we know that most people have been guilty of at least one of these. This holiday season, don’t decorate your house with a clog in your pipes! Put these items in the garbage instead of down the drain.

If you do end up with a plumbing problem in your Raleigh home this holiday season (whether it’s a clog, frozen pipes, or another issue), Weather Master is more than ready to handle it! Schedule an appointment online or call now: (919) 853-7910

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