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“Can You Guys Install This A/C I Already Bought?”

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As summer temperatures in Raleigh and the Triad begin to soar higher and higher, we at Weather Master find ourselves fielding this interesting question …

It typically goes something like this: “Hey, I’ve got this awesome A/C unit I bought from a second cousin twice removed on my mother’s side. Can you guys install it?”

Or a similar question: “Is there any way I can just buy a unit from you, and have my friend’s neighbor install it?”

We get it, folks. The economy is really taking its toll, and we at Weather Master are doing our best to help in these times. But before we see someone make a silly and costly mistake, we need to lay down the cold, hard facts.

The short answer is No. And there’s a perfectly good reason (or two) for this. Here at Weather Master, we only provide “start-to-finish” service. You might be thinking, “Well, that’s just because they want to install equipment they’ve sold us.” And while we do like a good sale, it’s not all about the bottom line.

You see, A/C manufacturers are quite serious about their equipment. They’re a bit like helicopter parents – they don’t just let anyone tinker with their ‘children’. They have strict rules about who can install their systems. Only authorized dealers (like Weather Master) are allowed to do the job. The reason? They want to ensure the best performance and longevity of their products. Just imagine giving your brand-new sports car to someone who’s only ever ridden a bicycle. The chances of it running smoothly are, well, not very high.

This strict policy also means that if your friend’s neighbor installs your A/C unit, the warranty is, as you can imagine, voided. That’s right, folks. The manufacturer won’t recognize any warranties for improperly installed units. And trust us, in the hot North Carolina summer, you want that warranty intact!

So as much as we love your entrepreneurial spirit, when it comes to A/C units, they must be obtained and installed by professionals for legal, permit, inspection, and safety reasons. Rest assured, we at Weather Master will not only provide you with the best equipment, but we’ll also install it expertly, ensuring you’re covered by all essential warranties. That way, you can enjoy your cool, comfortable summer without any worries!

If you have any questions or need assistance with your A/C, contact us online or call us at (919) 853-7910.

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