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What Your Water Heater Wishes You Knew

Your water heater is one of the hardest working, least appreciated appliances in your home.  It runs day and night, every day, regardless of the season to keep your showers toasty, your dishes clean and your laundry sparkling.  It spends its life hidden away in utility closets, garages, and dark corners of basements often only to be thought of when it stops working.  But we’re here to tell you, water heater’s need maintenance too.

Why Should You Care About Water Heater Maintenance?
Your water heater needs regular, annual maintenance to prevent it from rusting and keep it running at its peak efficiency.  Your water heater acts as a sort of dumping ground for much of the dirt, sediment and minerals in your water, which settles to the bottom of your tank over time.  This build up decreases your water heater’s energy efficiency and increases the likelihood that you will need to replace it early.

Increasing utility bills aren’t the only things you should be concerned about if you are neglecting to maintain your water heater.  Rust could be corroding your water heater from the inside out right now.  Your water heater can’t tell you this, but a trained technician can.  While steel water heaters come equipped with glass linings to prevent rust, constant heating and cooling can cause tiny cracks to form in the glass, allowing water to leak out and corrode your steel appliance.

What to Expect from Water Heater Maintenance
• When performing your water heater maintenance your technician should perform the following:
• Flush all of the water and remove the sediment build up from the bottom of your water heater.
• Look for damage causing leaks on the outside of the tank and in the flooring beneath your water heater.
• Ensure all pipes are connected securely.
• Test the valves, including the temperature and pressure relief valves.
• Inspect the anode rod in your water heater’s tank.  The anode rod acts like a magnet and attracts all of the molecules that cause corrosion if allowed to come into contact with your water heater’s steel shell.

We’re Here to Help with All of Your Water Heater Needs in Raleigh

Our hearts always break a little when we see a water heater expire before its time, especially when the cost of maintenance is so little.  Most plumbing, heating and cooling companies even offer maintenance plans to reward loyal customers for caring for their systems.  We offer several options for you too.  Call us today, we would be happy to help you, and your water heater, too.

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