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Drains Need Lovin’ Too

We are sure you’ve heard it before, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Our moms told us the same thing too.  We hate to admit she was right, especially when it comes to plumbing.  Preventing a clogged drain is relatively simple if you are careful what you pour down them.  That includes chemical drain cleaners too, which are bad for the environment and brutal on your plumbing.

Be Good to Your Drain and it Will be Good to You

The most common cause for clogged or slow-flowing drains is neglect.  Using plumbing for purposes other than intended or taking your drains for granted often leads to a clogged pipe and avoidable repair.  We realize most people don’t daydream about plumbing like we do, so we have compiled a helpful list of things of nice things to do for your drain.

Top Ten Ways to Show Your Drain You Care

1. Be careful not to let foreign objects enter your drain, including hair, dental floss, grease/oil, food, soap scum and paper wrappings.
2. Avoid hair clogged drains by styling and brushing your hair away from the sink.
3. NEVER pour grease or oil down the drain.  You can save money by storing leftover cooking grease in a can to reuse or throw in the garbage.
4. Run plenty of cold water before, during and after using the garbage disposal to keep food particles from sticking to the sides of your pipes.
5. NEVER dump construction materials or chemicals down your drain.  People don’t think twice about cleaning paint brushes in the sink, but it’s bad for the environment as well as your plumbing.
6. Use strainers in the bathroom to stop hair from clogging the drain.
7. Clean sink stoppers regularly.
8. Make a habit of pouring boiling water into your drains monthly.
9. However, DO NOT pour boiling water into your toilet or any other porcelain fixture, it will crack and break.
10. DO NOT flush anything, but toilet paper and products specifically designed for safe flushing.

Call a Professional Plumber in Raleigh

IF you do happen to break a rule or two and wind up with a clogged drain as a consequence, please give us a call.  We will send one of our licensed and courteous plumbers right over, and we promise we won’t judge you.

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