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Company is on the way! Prepare your drains for the extra strain.

Garbage Disposal

Company is on the way! Prepare your drains for the extra strain.

The holidays are here and with that comes house guests. We love our family and friends, but we love our clean drains more. With more people in the home and more food being served, garbage disposals can get some extra use. Have your drains ready to go in your time of need with some friendly tips from your experts.

When the holiday meal is over, and it's time to put the disposal to work, follow these do’s and don’ts.

Garbage Disposal Do’s

• Do be sure to cut large items into smaller pieces. 
• Do always keep your disposal clean. You can easily clean your garbage disposal by pouring in liquid soap and running it.
• Do try to run your garbage disposal on a regular basis. This frequent use will prevent any rust build up or corrosion.
• Do use cold water to grind any food waste. Cold water cause grease and oil to solidify, which makes it easier to chop up.
• Do call your experts at Mr. Plumber!

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

• Don’t put glass, plastic, metal or paper down your garbage disposal.
• Don’t pour oil, fat or grease down your drain. (Grease will accumulate and clog your drain)
• Don’t put potato peels (from all of your mashed potatoes) down the disposal. The peels will become a paste and make your blades stick.
• Don’t feed your garbage disposal with large amounts of food. Put food into the disposal a little at a time while cool water is running; this helps food to flow down freely.
• Don’t use harsh chemicals in your drains. They can damage your blades and pipes.
• And most importantly DO NOT put anything that is not biodegradable down your garbage disposal. Unfortunately, there is not a trash can in your sink, food scraps only people!

A clean drain is a happy drain. Let these tips keep your kitchen full of family, friends and laughter this holiday.

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