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4 Ways to Save Water During the Summer

Sprinkler summer fun

You may not realize it, but summer is especially hard on your plumbing system.  From garden hoses, sprinklers, pools and all that extra laundry, your plumbing gets more of a workout this time of year than any other time.  Save time, energy, and money this summer with our Summer Plumbing Tips below.

Summer Plumbing Tips

1 Increased time spent outdoors means more laundry for all and more work for your washing machine.  Now is a great time to check your washing machine for signs of wear, paying close attention to hoses for bulges, leaks and cracks.  A burst hose can cause devastating damage to your home as well as waste water.  It’s also a good idea to remove your dryer lint more regularly during the summer months.  Lint build-up causes your dryer to work harder and is a leading factor in most clothes dryer factors

2 Take care when using your garbage disposal.  Summer cookouts are always a great time, but take care when cleaning up.  Cornhusks, watermelon rinds, banana peels and egg shells are just a few examples of scraps to keep away from your disposal. Any ‘stringy’ fibrous food should be used for compost or thrown in the garbage.  Be sure to run cold water at full pressure before, during and after running the disposal, especially when disposing of greasy food.

3 Save water by using your dishwasher in place of hand washing the dishes.  According to research (, today’s efficient dishwashers use 37% less water than hand washing requires.  You can also save energy by air drying your dishes instead of using the drying function.

4 Inspect your home for leaks.  Leaks are the biggest culprits for wasting water.  Even small leaks, like leaky faucets, can cost you, wasting up to 100 gallons a week!  That’s why it is important to make a routine of checking throughout your home regularly for signs of leaky faucets, toilets, showerheads and other fixtures.  Listen for hissing noises and look under sinks, inside cabinets and around toilets for any signs of water damage.  You can even check for hidden leaks by tracking your water meter overnight.  Take note of your water level before bed and when you get up, before using any water.  If your meter moved overnight- you have a leak somewhere that needs fixing.  It’s time to call a plumber right away!

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